How to find molecular formula of compound

Find out how to find the molecular formula of the compound. If you know the empirical formula of the compound it is easy to find its molecular formula. What Will Be Given: Empirical Formula of Compound, […]

Convert Mass or Grams to Moles

What Will Be Given: Grams of an Element or Compound What To Calculate: Moles Explanation: Many chemical calculations require the number of moles of the element or compound. The common way to find the moles is to […]

Calculate Molecular Mass of Compound

What Will Be Given: Atomic Mass of Each Element in The Compound What To Calculate: Molecular Mass / Molar Mass SI Unit: kg/mol Explanation : The molecular mass(or weight) or molar mass is the total mass of the […]

Calculate Average Atomic Weight/Mass

What Will Be Given: Isotopes with their abundance and atomic mass What To Calculate: Average Atomic Mass/Weight Unit: a.m.u (Atomic Mass Unit) Explanation : Average Atomic Mass/Weight is the atomic mass of all the isotopes […]